About Kelley

Kelley Badger graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a bachelor’s degree in Baking & Pastry Arts before coming to Nantucket as a washashore in 2009. She earned her stripes throughout local Nantucket eateries, then became head pastry chef of GHYC and a server in local restaurants before opening Cake Nantucket 2017.

Dear cake,
Let’s get one thing straight–you’re here to be eaten. For far too long you’ve hidden under layers of fondant and buttercream, only to end up sliced and uneaten because guests say you’re too pretty to eat (code for you look great but taste like playdoh).

We’re here to restore your good name, cake, with your sweet layers of pillowy goodness that make people go mmmmm! In our hands, you’ll always taste as good as you look.